Harish, the best place to raise children and enjoy a quality of life.

Our proudest municipal achievement is education. We are creating a progressive education that is innovative and suitable for the twenty-first century.

Currently in our growing community we have; fifteen schools, one hundred kindergartens, a religious high school for girls and a yeshiva high school.

In Harish at the current time, there are fifteen schools that provide great education for the children in our neighbourhoods. Unfortunately, there are still some kids that are still required to travel outside the area, but in another two to three years they will not have the need to do so as several schools are under development.

Schools are located throughout the neighbourhoods.


Registration for schools and kindergartens


Registration – In the beginning of the year registration for schools is carried out via the website, apart from registration for the ultra-orthodox schools which is carried out directly with the school.

Online registration for kindergartens and first grade - https://education.metropolinet.co.il/#/home?muniCode=1247

During the year the required forms should be sent through the following link  www.harish.muni.il/136/ with the name of the school and then wait for the school to contact you.

 Документы для записи:

Forms for registration: https://www.harish.muni.il/407/
Also needed:

  • A photocopy of the identity card
  • An updated addendum of the address in Harish
  • Rental agreement

When the children are relocating to another town, it is mandatory to send in a cancellation of registration request form which can be found here: https://www.harish.muni.il/646/


Internal transportation – assistance for transportation is only when the distance from the home to the school exceeds 2 km (temporary)

Transportation outside of the town – only to a school that the Council has selected as a continuation of the schools existing in the town, in the event these classes are not available.

Special needs education transportation – full appropriation of 80% by the Ministry of Education and 20% by the Authority.

Special needs education

Harish has eighty-seven kindergartens, which provide schooling for all the areas. Additionally, there are also 9 special needs education kindergartens, which include communication and linguistic development kindergartens.

When there is no suitable school within Harish for a child, the education team refers them to a school in Israel placing the focus on the area and the appropriate framework for the child.

Small classes are an open space for development and focused teaching, during which the child will also be included in a bigger "parent" class that they will participate in at least two subjects. Additionally, each student will have his or her own personal schooling program.

Special needs education: from age 3 to 21 – treatment and a solution by the Special Needs Education Department

Up to age three – treatment and solution by the Ministry of Welfare