The volunteering program offers a range of options for volunteering.

Within the framework of the volunteering position each volunteer has the opportunity to engage in the field that is close to their hearts and pursue experiences that are interesting and motivating. In doing so, we improve the quality of life in our city. Those volunteers are an integral part of this society just by doing what they love.

Community library

Project Director: Keren

Telephone: 050-3252891

Description: The community library is a focal point in the field of literature and culture in Harish and is managed by volunteers who are residents of the town.

Volunteers: Those interested in leading the field of literature and culture in Harish, operating the library, offering activities, workshops, lectures and more.

The Repair Patrol

Project Director: Yosef Yossian

Telephone: 052-2945068

Description: The Repair Patrol helps with light home repairs (such as: replacement of water pipes for the toilet cistern, repair of leaks from taps, replacement of electricity sockets, replacement of door locks, cleaning the air conditioning filter and so forth).

Volunteers: Those with knowhow in the fields of: electricity, plumbing, renovations, computerization, communications etc, can join the Repair Patrol.


Project Director: Emmanuella Moses Yitzhakian

Telephone: 052-2945068

Description: The project helps senior citizens and people requiring a hot meal at time of crisis.

Volunteers: Those interested in cooking a hot meal for others.

Centre for Mediation and Dialogue in the Community

Contact person: Tessa Gonzales

Email: [email protected]

Description: Centre for Mediation and Dialogue in the Community in Harish implements the language of mediation in the city. As well as provides a solution for the general public in a variety of subjects. The Centre is based on values of tolerance, mutual respect, dialogue and attentiveness.

Volunteers: Those with mediation certification. Those desiring to take part in expanding the Centre, who believe in the language of mediation, along with good interpersonal relations and the ability to work in a team.

Volunteering leadership forum

Project Director: Emmanuella Moses Yitzhakian

Telephone: 052-2945068

Description: The forum is made up of a strong team of participants who lead the volunteering spirit in Harish. The volunteer leaders will conduct the projects and ventures in various fields.

Volunteers: Those with a background in management and leading processes with a familiarity and knowledge of the social-volunteering world. Additionally, having an affinity to entrepreneurship, the ability of working on a team and a commitment of one year to act in promotion of volunteering in Harish after training.

Mentoring and enrichment

Project Director: Emmanuella Mosen Yitzhakian

Telephone: 052-2945069

Description: To mentor a child as a big brother and help him on a social and study basis.

Volunteers: Those interested in helping children in preparation of homework, interpersonal relationships and preparation for exams.

Metzer Forest trustees

Project Director: Ashley Sheiner

Telephone: 055-9813913

Description: A volunteering venture to preserve the quality of the environment in Metzer Forest. The volunteers patrol, give information to visitors and maintain cleanliness and order in Metzer Forest.

Volunteers: Those interested in patrolling, informing, and maintaining the cleanliness of Metzer Forest in Harish. Suitable for children age 4 and above.

Mother to mother

Project Director: Tessa Gonzales

Email: [email protected]

Description: A volunteering program for home visits to mothers in the first year after birth, includes encouragement, support and a sympathetic ear.

Volunteers: If you are a mother in your soul with a huge heart, the ability of inclusion, and a desire to give and support.

Mine and yours – second hand

Project Director: Gila Atira

Telephone: 052-231402

Description: The products are arranged and classified by a team of volunteers from the community. All the items are sold at a symbolic price, thus the shop maintains the sustainability circle and succeeds in turning the clothes that you no longer need to working capital to strengthen the community.

Volunteers: Those interested in receiving the products, selection, arrangement, cleaning and operating the shop.

Community clinic (Roshonshi)

Leading volunteer: Michelle Ann

Telephone: 054-9805729 (on WhatsApp)

Description: Roshonshi is a voluntary venture of women for women. Once a quarter a pampering evening is held for women from various groups (pregnancy, mothers of special needs children, senior citizen women and more).

Volunteers: Those interested from the health, holistic and nurturing professions, lecturers in women’s empowerment in various fields.

Someone to talk to

Project Director: Emmanuella Moses Yitzhakian

Telephone: 052-2945068

Description: Connection and contact with senior citizens and to give them support in relieving loneliness.

Volunteers: Those interested in conducting telephone conversations or home visits to relieve loneliness, preparation of light craft work, work with the computer, documentation of memories, speakers of various languages.

Community gardens

Project Director: Simcha Perlman

Telephone: 054-4680688

Description: A wide range of activities for all ages take place in Harish’s community gardens. Maintenance of the gardens and their cultivation is undertaken by both volunteers and the Municipality.

Volunteers: Those interested in gardening, building from wood, operation, organization, urban agriculture, volunteering by professionals in teaching ecological content, sustainability, gardening and agriculture.

Volunteers Headquarters during emergencies

Project Director: Emmanuella Moses Yitzhakian

Telephone: 052-2945068

Description: Volunteers headquarters during emergencies operates at times of emergency and manages the fields of voluntary work, management of assignments, recruitment and registration of volunteers.

Volunteers: Those who have the ability to work under pressure and make decisions, ability to lead volunteers during emergencies, work with the computer, administrative ability.